The 4Track form succeeds best when we honor the credo: “Physicality is King, Emotion is Queen, and Wits and Quips are the Court Jester”. This hierarchy weights commitment, connectivity and emotional leverage above laughs.

Look at how the following scenarios unfold:

“Physicality is King.” 

From the get, we storm the stage with a kitchen sink blitz – everyone comes immediately downstage into the audience’s faces, barking like linebackers, ready for the ball to be snapped. It’s arresting. We grab the audience’s attention with huge energy, agreement and movement. It’s bold, fearless, and confident. The connectivity is undeniable. The audience is thrust into the middle of a scene, and they know they’re in good hands.

“Emotion is Queen.” 

We take a suggestion, and then take the stage, emoting with a passionate intensity, overwhelmed by an infinite sadness, real, unguarded. When we play with such heart and vulnerability, that awful emptiness in us resonates in the audience’s bones. It’s real for us, so it’s real for them. They are hooked and touched and empathetic.

“Wits and Quips are the Court Jester.”

When we come out and tell a joke, or a first line that kills, the audience roars with laughter, then settles and immediately wants another. We’ve pimped ourselves into delivering one-liners. We’ve served them soda and candy instead of a meal, and now they are sugar -crazed, impatient for more, and if you don’t deliver it’s “off with your head.”